A Little Bit of TLC
Tammy Lyn Carbol - Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted
A Little Bit of TLC

poetry, moon, fairies, forests, nature, rhythm, rhyme

Ahhh...the memories...

Well, I'm slowly continuing on with my goal of adding past writing to this website. Just added some poems to the "Moons, Fairies, Nature" page.  I mean, I KNOW I love moons, fairies, forests and nature - but WOW, I must have been on some kind of "Nature Bender" in 2000 to have written so many poems about it!!  Not all of my poems from that year were of that topic, but it seems a vast number of them were, so felt the need to cull it down a bit. There's only so many poems on fairies and tree people can take.
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