A Little Bit of TLC
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A Little Bit of TLC


2017. Let's Get 'Er Done



Looking at my blog I note I haven't blogged since Dad passed, and that was far to long ago. I honestly had no heart to do it, and my writing was not up to par either.


Time to change. New website design, new writer business cards, new determination to finish the few stories I DO have on the go right now. 

Seriously, the last few years I have not been writing nearly as much as I wanted to be. Call it writers block, call it laziness, I just had no desire. 

Although I have had a fantastic time both sitting on panels at When Words Collide here in Calgary and attending the fabulous workshops both at WWC and at our monthly ARWA meetings and Saturday workshops, I just couldn't get motivated to write.



I am VERY good at procrastination. Seriously...it's like an art form with me sometimes.

I thought once I posted a website for my writing it would spur me on to get off my butt and put my fingers on the keys.  I thought since I had magically created this site I would put my writing up to show the world I can write!  My poems, some short stories, heck, even some snippets of novels I'm working on.  No such luck (as yet). 

I AM writing, though not nearly what I should be.
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