A Little Bit of TLC
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A Little Bit of TLC

June 2011

Me and my big mouth...

Ugh...okay - going to try this again as I wrote a fabulous blog (in my mind anyway), then tried to post it, but alas, I erased it instead.  Wow..awesome. Can you tell I'm new at blogging?

I attended our Alberta Romance Writers Association meeting on Thursday night where we had a presentation of our 5-year plan, board reports, election of Board members, our summer writing commitments, announcement of upcoming events/programs, and the release of our Treasures Along The Fenceline 2011 issue.

Our 5-year plan is looking fabulous!



I am VERY good at procrastination. Seriously...it's like an art form with me sometimes.

I thought once I posted a website for my writing it would spur me on to get off my butt and put my fingers on the keys.  I thought since I had magically created this site I would put my writing up to show the world I can write!  My poems, some short stories, heck, even some snippets of novels I'm working on.  No such luck (as yet). 

I AM writing, though not nearly what I should be.
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