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When Words Collide - August 9 - 11, 2019

For registration and conference information, please go to www.whenwordscollide.org.  The conference next year is August 9 - 11, 2019. It is always an amazing experience whether you are a writer or an author. Sign up and get out there!

From the WWC website:

"When Words Collide is an annual non-profit festival modelled after the volunteer conventions popular in the Science Fiction and Fantasy communities. Nobody is paid for attending (though guests of honour have their expenses covered) and even the organizers buy passes.
The festival is designed to bring readers and writers together in a celebration of the written word. 
When your outfit matches the tablecloth

Up to 10 tracks of programming, beginning at 1 PM on Friday and running through 5 PM Sunday, offer informational, educational, and social activities covering a wide spectrum of literature including Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Historical, Literary, Script-writing, Poetry, Comics, and Non-fiction. Roughly 800 readers, writers, editors, publishers, agents, and artists attend with hundreds of presenters in our program.

Organizers and presenters alike volunteer their time and talents to make When Words Collide as accessible and varied as humanly possible. Here you can find out what is being developed for this year, to register for this year, to see what has happened in previous years, or to get involved in one of the largest literary events in Canada."

I highly recommend if you are a writer OR reader - this is a fantastic conference to attend. Over the past number of years I've been attending I have made incredible friends, learned a lot about the craft and business of writing, and had a fabulous time overall!

Years ago, I had the privilege to meet the fabulously talented Adam Dreece at When Words Collide, and I am currently his Virtual Assistant. His debut novel in 2014, Along Came a Wolf, introduced the world to his steampunk meets fairy tale world Mondus Fumus, and to his clean YA series, The Yellow Hoods. Since then, he's written a post-apocalyptic fantasy series, The Wizard Killer, and a science fiction high-tech thriller, The Man of Cloud 9. The latest Mondus Fumus series - The King's-Horse, debuted this past summer.

I met the talented Katherine Dell there when she debuted her novel  Harmless, and we became fast friends. I have assisted her in some administrative things since WWC and I'm looking forward to her next book! She is am amazing person and I'm thrilled she attended WWC or we would not have met and formed the friendship we have.

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