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Tammy Lyn Carbol - Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted

Remember When
(written for my twin sister for her wedding day)
Remember when we used to play among the trees and brooks?
If I got scared of scary things, you'd calm me with a look
We'd both hold hands & swing around, get dizzy till we fell,
But every day in every way - we'd wish each other well
Remember when we both liked music but on bands we'd disagree?
You just loved Duran Duran and Michael gave me glee
Upon each other posters we would scrawl mustaches and horns,
and when a poster ripped and fell, its dying we would mourn
But every day in every way - I'm glad that you were born
Remember when as young adults we moved into a place,
We managed a whole year and a half before annoying each other's space
We separated to other homes and missed each other loads,
But every day in every way - we travelled the same roads
Remember when we had our talks, our secrets we would share,
The joys of life, our expectations, our open souls to bare
We talked things out and shared our lives - we know each other well,
And every day in every way - I think that you are swell
Remember when you first saw Sean in a more than friendly light?
To get you two together was a most amusing plight,
And now you two are married, life together has begun
And every day in every way - your love will be as one
It's now your turn for memories, together as husband and wife,
and through the good times and the bad, you'll share each others life
And someday in the future while you're sitting in the den,
You'll turn your grey-haired head to him-
and say "Sean...remember when?..."
May 15, 1999
(written for my mom for her 50th)
Remember when we all were small
A weary mother of three,
I'm sure we got straight on your nerves
For all the world to see,
As children we were loud and bad
But not always was this the case,
I'm pretty sure on Christmas Day
Three angels we would make.
But usually when your back was turned
Mischief was our master,
Johnny & I - we'd start the fights
and Tracy was our blaster,
It seemed no matter what we did
Trouble just seemed to find us,
Not only at home, but also at school
We'd yell, we'd fight, we'd fuss.
But through the years, you've taught us well
(Okay, only two out of the three),
Two goddesses you have for daughters now
A son not quite as glee,
Our lives are full, our lives are grand
The life we have is fun,
And you now know what freedom is
Your second life has begun.
Enjoy the world as never before
Taste fruit from the forbidden tree,
For life it seems is just too short
To turn around and flee,
And though you don't see much of us
Please know that we are there,
And never doubt forever more
We love you and we care.
September 7, 1999
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