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Fairy Friend
Through the wooden plain she ran
Wings spread out as wide as they can
Flowers bloom and birds sing loud
To a clear blue sky without a cloud
To the waters' edge she goes
and what she sees there, no one knows
Her secret smile and gossamer wings
They melt your heart and you think of things
Of knights in shining amour there
Striding atop a huge black mare
Maidens laugh behind their hands
At all the silly boys in the land
My fairy friend is smiling still
I ask if she'll come back...she says "I will"
I know a peace it seems at last
By knowing that her absence will pass
And once again I'll see her running
Naked through the woods...my fairy's cunning
We'll sit beside the waters banks
And for our friendship we'll give thanks
This feeling hopefully never ends
As long as I have my fairy friend.
March 9, 2000
Moonlit night, moonlit walk
Moonlit night and moonlit walk
we both grow silent, fairies talk
The stars above are glowing bright
as we walk along this eerie night
The moonlight glows and shines so far
it feels like waking in a star
As nature shows her mighty glow
the waterfalls begin to flow
Nightlife beings as animals stir
The moonlight brightens up their fur
Nighttime is a magical place
when nature shows her friendly face
When fairies walk among the trees
and dance around just like they please
The crickets sing their nightly song
as birds around them join along
Wind moves the trees both to and fro
they silently sway in the bluish glow
Nighttime really is a blast
as nature dances till at last
The sun behinds to slowly rise
and creatures creep away to hide
They're all still there around you see
but in the sun they'll mostly flee
Until again the sun goes down
and nightly creatures gather 'round
For often they enjoy the night
without we humans in their sight
So watch for fairies as they talk
Moonlit night and moonlit walk.
April 5, 2000
Trees hang low above my head
To make an arch as I forge ahead
The forest is a sacred place
To my heart, I love to face
The falling leaves and sunbeam lights
Upon the ground as a doe takes flight
To walk among the silent trees
And hum and sing as much as I please
For forests are alive you see
From rocks to shrubs to bumble bee
An energy flows strong through here
It holds you close, it holds you near
For always when you walk through this
Look at the life you'd usually miss
Enjoy the moss around the tree
Sit near the water; be still --you'll see
A magical thing begins to stir
With life around it starts to blur
Between the worlds of real and non
It comes through quick and then it's gone
The fairy folk still watch you walk
And if you're silent, you'll hear them talk
About the trees, how strong and true
They seem to be to me and you
But fairies have the truth, you know
About the trees and how they grow
Trees need your love and silent praise
In order for their limbs to raise
The power through our hearts desire
Will make the trees rise higher and higher
So when you come across a tree
Think how beautiful it could be.
April 4, 2000
Mother's Reminder
Moonlight shines upon her face
She holds us in her warm embrace
Her trees sway gently in the breeze
Her snowy mountaintops make us freeze
For Mother Earth is watching us
She always changes without a fuss
Her mighty oceans swell with rage
When trapped inside their watery cage
Her volcanoes erupt upon her land
To help us remember she really is grand
Care for our Mother, she knows we're here
And sometimes to remind us, she'll make us fear
So don't forget how small you are
Next time you wish upon a star
Take a moment to feel the Mother's strength
And offer to her your warmest thanks.
July 17, 2000
He roams through the forest late at night
How real he is, how mighty the site
The lone wolf wanders throughout the trees
He alone is free to do whatever he please
He stops upon a clearing there
To gaze at the moon and its luminous glare
Then throws back his head to howl his song
It echoes far and others join along
For they know he feels that animal sense
To give their warning that's so intense
His song sounds sad, although it's not
He merely sings for his life-given lot
To be among the wild and free
His song flies high among the trees
He lowers his head and continues along
Until he feels the need to stop
and continue his song.
July 17, 2000
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